Announcing the 2020 Central Northeast Neighbors & Office of Community and Civic Life Small Grants 

Kitchen Commons- Food Justice Workshops for Engaging, Educating, Empowering Participants to Develop as Community Organizers and Facilitators for Intergenerational Cultural Exchange, Equity and the Environment. Received $2,977.50

Growing Gardens- Clases de la comunidad, por la comunidad (classes from the community, for the community). Received $2,277.50

Cully Neighborhood Association- Cully Neighborhood Clean-Up Received $2,977.50

Roseway Neighborhood Association- Enhancing Diversity and Inclusion in Neighborhood Functions: Annual Summer Ice Cream Social Pilot Project Received $1,767.50

The Community & Civic Engagement Small Grants Program has been made possible through funding by the City of Portland, Office of Community & Civic Life.