TSP Stage 3 Update
Notice of PSC Public Hearing 9/26

Discussion Draft Public Involvement/Comment
The Discussion Draft was open for 64 days from May 19 – July 21. Staff provided TSP outreach at 30 events across the city from the Multnomah Arts Center, to the Kenton Firehouse, to the Rosewood Initiative, and JAMS Space. Staff reviewed over 120 individual comments received during the Discussion Draft (some with multiple signatories). Among the comments we received, we heard the most about 1) Interest in a TDM study for the West Hills (Section 3: Geographic Policies) and 2) proposed street classifications on SE 20th Ave (Section 4: Street Classifications).
The Proposed Draft includes staff comments about changes made between the Discussion Draft and Proposed Draft, as the result of public feedback. These comments are at the beginning of each section. In the coming days, staff will send another update to this email list, with a link to staff responses to comments received on the Discussion Draft, and “crosswalk” tables of policies proposed for deletion (with citations of their superseding Comp Plan policies and rationale).
To request a version of the Proposed Draft of the TSP Stage 3 Update that functions with accessible readers for the visually impaired, please email TSP3@portlandoregon.gov with the subject line “ADA version”.
Review TSP Stage 3 Proposed Draft now
How can I comment on this proposal?
Testify at the Planning and Sustainability Commission hearing. The hearing, on Tuesday, September 26, 2017 at 5 p.m., will be on the ground floor at 2020 SW 4th Avenue. Please call 503-823-7700 a week before the hearing to confirm the scheduled time of this agenda item. Metered and pay parking is available in the vicinity. MAX, the Portland Streetcar and many buses serve this building; call TriMet at 503-238-7433 or go to their web site at www.trimet.org for routes and times.
Write to the Planning and Sustainability Commission. Mail written testimony to the Planning and Sustainability Commission at 1900 SW Fourth Avenue, Suite 7100, Portland, Oregon 97201, FAX comments to 503-823-7800, or email comments to PSC@portlandoregon.gov with the subject line “TSP3”. Written testimony must be received by the time of the hearing and must include your name and address.
Testify online via the Map App. Traffic, Transit, and Emergency Response Classifications will be posted to the Map App by August 25, 2017 at www.portlandmaps.com/bps/mapapp. Click on the “comments” form to provide your testimony to the PSC.
What happens next?
The Planning and Sustainability Commission will consider public comments on this proposal. They will then forward a recommendation to City Council for consideration and additional public review and comment.
For more information, contact Francesca Patricolo, Associate Transportation Planner, at the Portland Bureau of Transportation 503-823-5282 or TSP3@portlandoregon.gov or visit the Portland Bureau of Transportation’s website: www.portlandoregon.gov/transportation/TSPupdate

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The 2035 TSP:
Moving more people in more ways
Portland is projected to add 140,000 new jobs and 260,000 new residents over the next 20 years. If in 2035 the percentage of people who drive alone to work remains the same as it is now (nearly 60 percent), traffic, climate pollution, and household spending on vehicles and fuel will all worsen significantly. In order to accommodate this growth, our transportation system must provide Portlanders safer and more convenient ways to walk, bike, and take transit for more trips.
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