Bicycle Parking Code Update to support transportation goals

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From the Portland Bureau of Transportation:

The Bicycle Parking Code Update aims to support current and future transportation goals of Portland

The Bicycle Parking Code Update project is focused on ensuring new development and major redevelopment is providing adequate, secure and convenient short- and long-term bicycle parking. Bicycle Parking Code Update Banner

Why is bicycle parking important?

Portland is a growing city with strong climate and transportation goals. The nature of bicycle parking provided in new developments will have a significant effect on how convenient – and in many cases, how feasible – it is for people to use bicycles for daily transportation. These new developments will shape bicycle use for decades to come. To support our climate policies and to encourage options to driving along, it is important to recognize this influence.

Additionally, riding a bicycle is an important low-cost transportation option. For many households, the option of biking and walking for a portion of their daily trips can mean lowering household costs by potentially reducing the number of vehicles a household owns.

For these reasons, Portland has adopted policies that require bicycle parking in private development and the Bicycle Parking Code Update project is revising these standards to support current and future transportation goals for our growing city.

Major topics addressed by the project include:

  • Enhance security standards to help prevent bike theft.
  • Increase options for space saving racks.
  • Usability for a variety of types of bicycles and people of all abilities.
  • Update the minimum required amounts of short-term and long-term bicycle parking.
  • Require that a percentage of long-term bicycle parking in residential buildings is located in bike rooms rather than in residential units.

Review the Proposed Draft of the Bicycle Parking Code Update and the Appendices

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