• February 25, 2017
  • 9:00 am
  • Johnson Lake Property, NE 92nd Ave. and NE Colfax St. Portland, OR
  • Johnson Lake has experienced a number of changes over the last century. It was a popular swimming hole until the Vanport flood of 1948 which flooded the lake and made it murky. Since then the lake has experienced pollution, but clean-up projects – in fact, the Council’s very first native planting – have helped to restore the property surrounding the lake. Continue to contribute to the health of the Johnson Lake natural area with us by casting native plant seeds. It’s a three step process that includes roughing up the soil, casting seed, and covering the planting area with mulch. This is a great activity for families and groups. Join us!

    This event runs rain or shine! Be sure to dress for the weather and bring water, rain gear and sturdy shoes. Snacks, tools, training and gloves will be provided. Parents should note that there is a water body on this site. This opportunity is open to volunteers 14 years and older, unless accompanied by an adult. Registration is requested.

    Site accessibility: There are dirt pathways along Johnson Lake. The work area will be wooded and uneven. No formal restrooms or shelters are available at Johnson Lake, but there will be a porta-potty on site for volunteer use.

    For more info and to register: https://columbiaslough.org/events/event/…